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Michael Burlingame

Michael Burlingame is an eminent Lincoln scholar.  He is the celebrated author of the biography Abraham Lincoln: A Life, two volumes published by Johns Hopkins University Press in 2008.  He is also the author of Lincoln and the Civil War, published by the Southern Illinois University Press in 2011, and The Inner World of Abraham Lincoln, published by the University of Illinois Press in 1994.  He has edited a dozen books of Lincoln primary source materials: An Oral History of Abraham Lincoln: John G. Nicolay’s Interviews and Essays; Inside Lincoln’s White House: The Complete Civil War Diary of John Hay; Lincoln Observed: Civil War Dispatches of Noah Brooks; Lincoln’s Journalist: John Hay’s Anonymous Writings for the Press, 1860-1864; A Reporter’s Lincoln by Walter B. Stevens; With Lincoln in the White House: Letters, Memoranda, and Other Writings of John G. Nicolay, 1860-1865; At Lincoln’s Side: John Hay’s Civil War Correspondence and Selected Writings; Inside the White House in War Times: Memoirs and Reports of Lincoln’s Secretary by William O. Stoddard; Dispatches from Lincoln’s White House: The Anonymous Civil War Journalism of Presidential Secretary William O. Stoddard; The Real Lincoln: A Portrait by Jesse W. Weik; “Lincoln’s Humor” and Other Essays by Benjamin P. Thomas; and Abraham Lincoln: The Observations of John G. Nicolay and John Hay

Professor Burlingame was born in Washington, D.C. and attended Phillips Academy, Andover.  He received his B.A. from Princeton University and his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University.  In 1968 he joined the History Department at Connecticut College, where he taught until 2001 as the May Buckley Sadowski Professor of History Emeritus.  He joined the faculty of the University of Illinois at Springfield in 2009.  Professor Burlingame has received numerous awards and honors for his scholarly research and writing.  He received the Abraham Lincoln Association Book Prize in 1996, the Lincoln Diploma of Honor from Lincoln Memorial University in 1998, Honorable Mention for the Lincoln Prize, Gettsyburg College in 2001, and was inducted into the Lincoln Academy of Illinois in 2009. 

The masterfully researched and written biography Abraham Lincoln: A Life won the 2010 Lincoln Prize, sponsored by the Gilder-Lehrman Institute for American History and Gettysburg College, for the finest scholarly work in English on Abraham Lincoln, or the American Civil War soldier, or a subject relating to their era.  It also was a co-winner of the annual book prize awarded by the Abraham Lincoln Institute of Washington, D.C., and won the Russell P. Strange Book Award given annually by the Illinois State Historical Society for the best book on Illinois history.  Professor Burlingame is currently the holder of the Chancellor Naomi B. Lynn Distinguished Chair in Lincoln Studies at the University of Illinois at Springfield.